Discovering the Himalayan Yoga Tradition – A five thousand year old Lineage of Himalayan Masters.”

I had the privilege and blessed gift to visit the ashram of the Himalayan Yoga Tradition founded by Swami Rama and currently presided by Swami Veda, who is the spiritual guide of the Tradition in Rishikesh, India in September 2013. Unbeknown to me and my fellow teachers travelling on this journey from the West to […]

Vajrasana & Virasana Poses & the practical difference between the two.

VAJRASANA – THUNDERBOLT POSE. Begin by placing yourself on the hands and knees with the knees & feet together Move back and sit on the heels of the feet with the hands resting on thighs or by placing the back of the right hand inside the palm of the left hand Be conscious of the […]