Yoga taught me the acceptance of ageing with grace

I have been practicing Yoga for 14 years since 2002 and what an unfolding journey of discovery it has been! Self -discovery through facing deep fears, uncovering the depths of my heart and Soul and the many layers of my relentless mind. Then, through the years of practicing and teaching Yoga, I discovered how forgiving […]

“Same, same but different” ~ My India Pilgrimage 2014.

September 2014, and I went on my second pilgrimage to Rishikesh, India. I made a promise to myself upon my return from that same magical place last September 2013 that I would return. In June of this year, I truly believed that promise would not be fulfilled, for certain reasons…but it all came together because […]

Discovering the Himalayan Yoga Tradition – A five thousand year old Lineage of Himalayan Masters.”

I had the privilege and blessed gift to visit the ashram of the Himalayan Yoga Tradition founded by Swami Rama and currently presided by Swami Veda, who is the spiritual guide of the Tradition in Rishikesh, India in September 2013. Unbeknown to me and my fellow teachers travelling on this journey from the West to […]